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Natural bowel cleansing with DXN MycoVeggie herb mixture

26. january 2017 thursday

Natural bowel cleansing with DXN MycoVeggie herb mixture



MycoVeggie before meal makes the toxins disappear!


Before entering into Hip-hop Freestyle Battle, I stop rhyming and start sharing my DXN products experience with you. J

As you noticed, the number of videos multiply on my YouTube channel and Facebook group and Facebook pages. I decided to show you how I consume DXN products. Next in line is a mixture of DXN Sirulina powder, numerous herbs, medicinal mushrooms, vegetables and spices. They are all selected carefully for for DXN MycoVeggie a.k.a. the Bowel Cleanser.

Cleaning out intestines is only one function of this product. It is also very nutritious partly due to its Spirulina content. I heed our ayurveda ganotherapeut’s advice and consume MycoVeggie about 30 minutes before meals. It helps nutrients to get to my stomach without any obstacles.

This is how I prepare a dose of MycoVeggie





No matter how good DXN products are, weight loss diets only work with daily exercise

I have to be honest with you: the main reason I started taking MycoVeggie is because I want to lose about 10 kilograms. Taking this product only will not work, though. Daily sports or movement is essential. 15 minutes of intensive walking every day can help a lot too. I train 15 minutes every morning (pull-ups, push-ups, leg raises etc.), ride my bike with my dogs 3 times daily and reduce the quantity of food I eat at once. The reason I do not do more sports is because I can not ride BMX Flatland nowadays for more than 3 months now due to the cold and snow here in Miskolc, Hungary. I only do a basic training to keep in good shape beacuse I want to spend the most possible amount of time building my DXN MLM business. I do this beside being an English teacher in Béla IV. Primary School (basis school of Complex Instructions Method) in Hejőkeresztúr), Hungary and beside my daily 3 dog walks. Reducing sports took its toll on my weight, but this is only a temporary state. The more effort and freetime I put into my business now, the bigger freedom I am going to enjoy sooner.


My DXN MycoVeggie experience


I am also very interesnted in what DXN products are capable of, so this is the perfect opportunity to test them on myself. A very pleasant task, trust me! J

I realized, that I have never done detoxification and gut cleansing in my whole life. Every now and then bad news can be heard about sportsmen, people who all of a sudden get cancer of heart attack. As humans stay alive with eating, the health of the intestines is of utmost importance. Although I ma fit and healthy, I do not want any unpleasant surprises. Started prevention of bowel infection with MycoVeggie, because prevention is easier than cure.

I feel that my stomach is not so full and heavy even when I fall into the sin of eating more than necessary due to being very hungry. My early great experience with MycoVeggie was that I did not get fatter in the winter holiday. At Christmas time Hungarian people tend to eat more cakes than during the rest of the year. I also received sweets and cookies from my family, ate them but did not put on weight, I did not get fatter. I owe this to DXN products. I also drink Cordypine after every meal for better digestion. 

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Why should athletes start healthy coffee MLM business?

18. december 2016 sunday

Athletes’ guaranteed favorite coffee business


Cyclists, kayakers, karatekas, basketball players, sports people!

This is for you too!


During the post-university years spent working I realized what a big treasure leisure is. From the point that the treadmill yanked me in, like it or not, I was forced to give up things that were sweet for me. Again not too briefly I tell you what it is like to me.


I used to have a foldabke Csepel Camping bike like this. It was a cool one, I jumped down four-stepping-stone stairs with it :)

I had a green Skolnik bike like this when I was about 8 years old. It was a bit cooler than the bikes at that time mainly rode in villages. 

  Foldable Csepel Camping bike. Source of photo: Russian Skolnik (shoolboy) bike. Source of photo:


I have been cycling ever since my childhood. The spare wheel has been removed from the thick-tyre bike, the Skolnik and the foldable Csepel was replaced by a mountain bike and a BMX. Mountain biking and BMX Flatland became my favorite sports. I try to sit more and more on my bike.

Since I have been working, I can not do sports whenever and as much as I want.

Adding to this come my dogs whom I first and foremost have to take down for a walk three times a day, because we live in a flat. Life brought it this way. We go on my mountain bike, but it's not like alone in the woods. Working as a teacher and the daily three walks with my dogs is like working in four shifts. They should be brought down for a walk first at half past six in the morning. Before this I try to go out to practice on my BMX, if the weather makes it possible. Getting up at half past five at dawn was quite demanding even when I had no dogs. Other times I can not go out: by the time I come home, the court is full of people, in summer the heat is unbearable and in winter it is dark. During winter it is still dark at dawn.


I combined two of my favorite rolling tricks: Hitchhiker to Hang Five to Fakie


The Pareto Principle and my everyday life:

Most of my days are made up of mandatory, forced things


Slowly I realized that somehow I do not nearly spend 80% of my day with what I you really love to do. When I was in high school I practised karate and went kayaking for a couple of years. A good old high school friend of mine has been kayaking ever since. I feel homesick, I want to sit back in the ship again too. Doing this requires even more free time and money. Freetime, which is takeb up by 8 hours of work a day, my day cut into three pieces by the dogwalks and rushing back home. This part will be solved by a house with garden. I will take them out for a walk there too, because garden dogs need it too, contrary to the popular belief. I will certainly never raise the money for a higher-quality house with garden is with primary school English language teaching. In fact, what is even sadder, I will not have more free time either.


Walking my dogs on my bike is better for us all. They get more exercise and I can survive the days not getting dead-tired more than usual. :)

This is me, Gergely Takács on my daily routine riding my mountain bike with my doggie-family :)


The daily dog ​​walking time duration equals exactly a daily workout time duration


The daily 3 dog ​​walks take about one and a half hours of my time. (I won’t enter into more details about having to stop anything I do and having to come home at any time, from anywhere). This totals up to the duration of a nice little workout. It gets me tired too, though differently than the same amount of time spent with intensive sport. A friend of mine says why don’t I go kayaking and training. I get my workout over with at home on the spot with own bodyweight exercises. I feel like going training, of course. There was a time when I went to play basketball between two dog walks. Treading the gas pedal to get home for the afternoon dog-walk, after walking running to workouts. After the workout arriving home dead tired taking down the dogs for a walk in the evening in the dark, cold, rain - it was very exhausting. Not to mention that with this I also took the time from my business. So one can go training in addition to jobs and dog-walks. The one thing is that it is physically exhausting. However, if I do the same thing, the same thing will be the result: the same amount of payment, at best the same amount, if not less free time. As employment relations are being formed recently, one can be pleased even with this too.


Less sports for a while in order to have more time for it later


That sounds quite contradictory. I give up on certain things in the short term to have more time for my mushroom coffee business. In MLM, at the beginning one does a lot of things not getting paid for. Later s/he gets money for things which s/he did not do him/herself. This is where one has the return on invested work: a well-structured network with correctly supported business associates and customers provides the passive income, thus the time freedom as well. Residual income simply has to be imagined as a properly received monthly pension-like amount that one gets even if s/he is not actually working. To do so, however, one has to put the work into it especially in the beginning. Later the work becomes different in nature. If someone decides to have reached a sum which s/he settles with as payment, s/he might as well decide not to actively build the business, because s/he has trained great leaders who work independently requiring only minimal guidance, assistance occasionally.


I love Lake Balaton and kayaking too. Combining them is Heaven on Earth :)

I love Lake Balaton and kayaking too. Combining them is Heaven on Earth :)


Why does networking suit specifically athletes?


Because they have perseverance! Because they think in the long run! The daily, even more regular trainings, the targeted goal, or ’’just" the love for the sport are all huge advantages in the network marketing business as well! Every sport has its initial, major challenges that once are overcome after a level it is easier to develop, workout is more enjoyable, not to mention the results, whether it is a personal goal or a high rank achieved at a championship. For these they are willing to make sacrifices. Getting up early, inserting the session in the agenda. Paying attention to meals, going to parties smarter and less. Being able to say no even if ’the gang is calling’, who may have different goals in life - if they have any at all.


Team game, team sport, team work: we are better together


Who plays a team sport also gets a head start in MLM. Many times, however, at a training one is also forced to play and train with who is not ’’the love of his/her life". It can be very difficult. If such people begin to visit the gym or court who do not take training seriously, it has disruptive influence on everyone.  I've also had to switch a couple of times because of this. In my own MLM business I can afford to deal and work only with people who are sympathetic to me. No need for everyone to work in my network. I'm the coach here, I sort out the members of my world champion dream team. I play point guard in my own NBA Dream Team.


So neither in sports nor in networking business can great results be achieved by lazy people.


Surfing in Hungary, Lake Balaton.

Water sports rulez! I love surfing on the Hungarian Sea, Lake Balaton!


What business opportunities are there?


What can be done instead of working as an employee? Robert Kiyosaki's books helped me to open my eyes. I can honestly recommend Rich Dad, Poor Dad and Cashflow Quadrant books to those whose dreams can not be achieved from employee salaries. According to Kiyosaki, the three best business opportunites are the stock market, real estate and MLM business. After a short course I realized that the stock market is not for me. Investing in a real estate business or starting up an own enterprise requires capital. You can read about the pros and cons of enterprise, job and Multi-Level Marketing business by clicking here.


My experience from a previous MLM / Direct Selling company

I had an MLM attempt at a company that mainly distributes cosmetics.


Getting rewards at a Direct Selling company event

I'll tell you now at the outset that there are people who are successful with this company as well. I made friends with excellent, adorable, precious people by this. The following lines are about me, my experiences. The fact that I did not come up with this company is my fault, I do not blame anyone else. But it was not for me, I found out later. I liked the idea that I can distribute products and liked the colorful catalog as well. The products and the company were excellent, but somehow I could not identify with them 100%.


I felt a bit lost in between the products mainly made for women, mascaras,lipsticks. I found it much more disturbing though, that every 3 weeks my bonus point fell back to zero. What’s more, if I did not qualify, then I lost the level I had already achieved. I could not generate much traffic with the products. A face cream, perfume, deodorant or body wash is enough for several months. No matter that these are daily used items, my customers had not run out of them at a pace that they would have ordered from me from each and every catalog. Because at first I concentrated on selling. Later I had a few people joining me, but also around that time I started to give up that business.



Happy in MLM business: Direct Selling company meeting

MLM is the business of freedom, spiced with lots of fun J


How did I get to know DXN?


My colleague monitored my ’hustling’ for several months. He is sitting beside me in the staff room, and he knew that if the postal cardboard boxes with the products are on my desk, then I could not be far, he-he. Once he noted modestly that he is involved in a MLM company too. It was about some literally unspeakable medicinal mushroom coffee company. The word coffee have lit up my eyes, because I like being a gourmet, but I could not drink coffee because of my high blood pressure. I sipped cheap instant coffee at the Sziget festival, but there were more ’E-letters’ in it than coffee. Fortunately, this excellent coffee, which I was lucky to have tasted by my colleague (by now my sponsor in DXN) is free from harmful additives. I can drink DXN coffee that fixed my high blood pressure problem on an empty stomach too, as it is alkaline: it does not cause heartburn. The company who manufactures it is DXN, It provides an excellent business opportunity, what is more: from the comfort of my home, with superb free websites on the Internet! I certainly can set a great value by this because in the beginning I walked my legs sore dealing with my previous company. At that time teaching in two great schools (Alternatíva School in Sajóecseg and Béla IV Primary school in Hejőkeresztúr) driving from one village to another I trodded a while dealing in my previous MLM business in the less than an hour spare time I had between the two jobs. After finishing teaching my English lessons, I continued to walk aroud the shops and malls in the city delivering the goods and picking up new orders. I made many-many resultless rounds showing the new catalogs and beside taking a lot of my time it was really tiring. 


Compared to this online network marketing opportunity of DXN is the most convenient lodge itself! Of course, here one can meet the prospects in person as well, but we get incredibly powerful online technical support, which multiplies the work efficiency invested in business. I work 90% online and I love it!


What is my purpose with online network marketing business?


My purpose with medicinal mushroom coffee Multi-level marketing business is freedom. Freedom to me means that I do not have to do things I do not want to. I think that's a little beyond ’I can do  whatever I want to."

I manage 100% of my time, I do not let others mismanage it.


In my spare time I want to move a lot, play sports. Streetball, basketball, to bouncy good rap music. I am interested in all kinds of bicycle-related street and extreme sports, I love watching skateboarders, inline skaters too. I'm going to try a lot of things. Mountain bike downhill, Freeride and Cross-country (also called XC nowadays) and BMX Flatland will definitely continue to be part of my life. I am going to keep my good friend Csöpi company riding BMX Street for sure J. I hope he recovers as soon as possible from his injury! I owe him a lot of BMX Flatland tricks, teaching, encouragement during the joint practises at Heroes' Square, Miskolc, Hungary.


Kayaker life, beautiful life.


I will also re-start kayaking. With my kayaker friend we are nostalgic of Berzeviczy-high school times and summers when we had two workouts a day. It was great to go kayaking at Csorba Lake, Miskolc having fun with friends and going to party in the evening. Then everyone got yanked in the rat race ... but there is a way out of the treadmill!


K1 kayak boat for competition parked on pier, River Danube, Csepel, Hungary

My kayaker friend L. Laci’s Sub-Kayak made, custom-painted K1 boat. I'm coming soon! ;)


As a teenager my second home was Lake Csorba. I spent unforgettable days there kayaking with my friends.


Aerial view of Lake Csorba, Miskolc, Hungary

Paradise for kayakers and fishermen: Lake Csorba, Miskolc, Hungary


A lot of movement requires energy too. This is the place for advertising! J

Athletes find also an excellent resource for their increased duty in DXN Ganoderma medicinal mushroom coffee, Spirulina and Cordyceps among others. One can get proof of the many healing benefits of Ganoderma (Reishi,Lingzhi) mushroom, there is a good reason for everyone praising it. You can take a look at DXN products in my webshop by clicking HERE.

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Dog lovers choose DXN healthy coffee MLM business

13. december 2016 tuesday

Implications in everyday life with 3 dogs in a flat

There is a way out of the hamster wheel!


hamster wheel: when someone just keeps running in circles (and making the same mistakes) in their life, instead of progressing (source:

I have dogs for 10 years. I have been living with them in a block of flats four years ago. Thus brought fate. They are quiet, house-trained and well brought up. I love them, but having them has very serious constraints, and it is also a great responsibility. I have to take 3 daily walks with them at exactly the same time come rain or shine. This means I have to get up an hour earlier because of this. I always got up early because of sports. A dog walking beside being a high physical activity reduced sports to the background. While I work nine hours they sleep contentedly. But I have to run back home to them from anywhere, interrupting anything. Living with dogs demands serious time management. After the afternoon walk those couple of hours fly away soon until the last wlk of the day comes at 10 pm. By then many times I'm so tired that changing to outside clothes is a great challenge, not to mention the dark and cold, which are not always very friendly. A good old little November rain can add further colors to this picture. For the sake of my dogs and myself:



I must quit this treadmill!


Getting my three dogs dry with a towel after a rainy walk


Work in four shifts


I would not give up my 3 dogs ​​for anything, but I got to the point that I became sick and tired of this lifestyle. The continuous, mandatory, time-bound three daily health-walks completely keep splitting my day into three parts. It's like beside a main job position I am forced to work 3 more shift because the walks can not be missed even once. There's also an extra shift: online networking with DXN is the fifth. This is not mandatory, noone calls me to account, but if I do not do it, I will not get ahead. The block of flat-type mandatory dogwalk is not nearly the same as the kind of pleasure-trip walk, which those people can allow themselves only who live in houses with garden. Here I note that ’garden-dogs’ also need 2-3 daily walks as well. The only difference is that the dog lover's life does not depend on it. As a ’flat-dog’ owner everything I do is subordinated to my little favorites. My entire day is a big countdown between to dogwalks.



Exercise, discipline, affection: dog walking on mountain bike

What is the solution?

I want a freer, more meaningful life for my dogs and myself. I want them to be able to do their business when they feel the need. I want to avoid them having to hold it for 9-10 hours. Because they do this for me. They are clever, full of happiness, well-intentioned loving little creatures. I owe it to them to earn the money for a nice house with garden where they can run around and sleep through the day as well as in the room in my flat. They are going to be able to do this without holding their business. A house with garden, however, from my current salary as a primary school English teacher as my main job is impossible to raise the money for.


How can I get a housewith garden then?

After 14 years of teaching English at school I realized that did not get ahead from one to two, work takes more and more free time, and, moreover, will not get pention either. Fate has driven me to the best school possible to Hejőkeresztúr. A life-changing event took place here: my colleague (who is now my DXN sponsor) showed me in is very modest, sympathetic way DXN Ganoderma coffee online network marketing business. After carefully reading all the things, I tried and fell in love with DXN healthy coffee at the first cup. The company did not keep promising anything, but if I earn my keep, my work will be rewarded. This example I see at both the Hungarian and foreign DXN network marketers. It is also important that the products are proven their worth for me. I have a very positive DXN product’s experience.



My dogs having a rest in summer at Lake Csorba, Miskolc, Hungary

So DXN is also an MLM business?

Yes, DXN also operates in by-everyone-hated MLM system. A lot of questions arise regarding this otherwise completely legitimate, honest business model. Click here to read a few FAQs: frequently asked questions of DXN Multi-level Marketing system.

Why did I choose DXN business as a dog lover?

I want to spend more meaningful free time with my dogs too. I want to travel and go on excursions. I certainly can not achieve this by my current agenda. By default, I can not set out to travel more seriously for several days because of my dogs. In the short term, I decided to resign certain things for long-term benefits. That is why I got into DXN online business. And, of course, also because of the good Ganoderma coffee :)

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Job, enterprise and MLM business: advantages and disadvantages

24. november 2016 thursday

Job, enterprise and MLM business:

Advantages and disadvantages


The following evidence-based comparisons are also for those who have thought about changing their current way of life, because they aspire to a higher standards of living. Those of you also feel free to read this, who are only curious and interested on an information level. Some people may realize unspoken things that have long since been haunting their minds, but might not yet have dared to admit it even to themselves.


Pros and contras for being an employee, an entrepreneur and a network marketer


What is this, some kind of incitement for all and sundry to do MLM?

This is far from my goal. Everyone is a ’big boy’ or 'big girl’ to decide what s/he wants. A reasonably good decision, however, must be based on being well informed and knowing the facts. I would like to help in this.

Does everyone hate their main job who start MLM business?


I think it's important that one should do such work that s/he likes doing every day. A bicycle mechanic friend of mine enthusiastically works every day. He said he likes repairing bikes because he enjoys turning something from bad to good form. The other day I met a young man at a gas station whose willing, warm help to interpret the error message of the tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS) was exemplary. The gadgets were left in the summer wheelset, so this is why the error light were on the in my car. And also I could have understood if he responded wearily having to stand out for 12 hours in the cold petrol vapour. It can be quite daunting, not to mention the fact that they are surely not overpaid. Now let’s see what are the advantages and disadvantages in the workplace, enterprise and networking business.


Do I hate my current main job?


By no means, though, If I said I am satisfied with it in all aspects I'd be lying. English teachers or who work in public education know what I mean. If I told you I hate it would mean that I hate children, my colleagues and the management. On the contrary. If I hated them, I had left long ago. They accepted me from day one and they are very tolerant. Our headmistress came only with solutions to my specific situation in my life (three dogs certainly require a strong schedule). I think this loving, compassionate attitude for children and adults is the first reason - even before the Complex Instruction Program (KIP) - of Hejőkeresztúr IV. Béla Primary School's reputation and success.


Hejőkeresztúr Béla IV. Primary School won the 2016 Prima Primissima Prize in Hungarian Public Education category


Everything starts with the people, with ourselves, ’’Making the First Circle Work"(Randy Gage). The nice family atmosphere ruling the teachers’ staff room has a very good influence on the children too who are much more moderate than in other schools, according to my experience.


Advantages of a job (employees' employment relation):


  • Payment is received after the first month’s work.
  • If working hours are over, one does not have to work (if all goes well…). 

Disadvanteges of a job:


  • Getting up every day to the sound of the alarm clock
  • ’’They expect me to work” (a little more about this below) Other dictate what, when and how to do.
  • 9-12 hours a day, sometimes more are taken away from people’s time.
  • Doing overtime often for free. Even if it is paid for, it goes to the expense of free time. The more  money may not be worth it, at least in the long run.
  • Little freetime. The quality of it is often scarred by after-work fatigue.
  • A person can only get paid if s/he really works, shows up for work and is there at the workplace more money can be earned only more work, which is at the detriment of leisure again.
  • There is no such thing as a secure job! Anyone can be laid off any time.
  • We will not receive a pension because the pension system will collapse. More in the article of The Economic Collapse Blog.
  • Salaries may increase only slightly. One can smoothly calculate how much he/she will get in 20-30 years.
  • One can not choose who to work together with. Sometimes one has to bear unpleasant, negative, unmotivated people, clients, colleagues.


This is me in Budapest at a warehouse waiting for safety gear for Sziget Festival

’’They expect me to work "

The story of this short sentence said at the Sziget festival is very kind and funny to me. If I reminisce there is always a wide grin on my face :) A few years ago I would not have even thought about how much truth lies in it. With Peti, who is a good old friend of mine, we were delivering backstage equipment to one stage of the Sziget festival in a truck with boundless good cheer, laughing all the way. At one of the intersections a previous ’little boss’ of ours stopped us. ’’Hello guys, is everything okay? " Peti, who had one second ago been joking with me, suddenly changing to an all-serious tone said: , ’’No, nothing is okay ... they expect me to work! " At first I was surprised about his seriousness, then then we almost dropped out of the car from laughing. Our dear little ex-boss quickly drove off with his quad. He thought, he just had enough of us for this year's festival to :D We could only work cheerfully, even if we had gone to others’ nerves. It was not our fault they did not havea sense of humour and could not enjoy every moment of work at Sziget. A festival of course is a much more casual environment than, say, a school, a shop or an office. No need to pull a long face even there in my opinion. We have and will have lots of great memories from Sziget festival.

Advantages of enterprise:

  • There is no boss who conducts - though many entrepreneurs say that ’’the toughest boss I ever had is myself '.
  • I choose my employees.
  • I decide when and how much I work.
  • A well-primed, well-functioning enterprise generates significantly more profit than a traditional job.
  • Many costs can be written off from tax perfectly legally.

Disadvantages of enterprise:



  • A lot of capital is a must to start up a private company: The minimum registered capital in Hungary is 3 million HUF for ltd. More on the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment homepage
  • The beginning first few years are almost a loss for every business
  • Statistics show that 90% of all new businesses go bankrupt in the first 5 years
  • If on does not work, s/he does not make money
  • Because of this, many people are slaves to their business, often doing superhuman overtime
  • The entrepreneur must supervise the work of employees
  • Must keep things in hand and track everything including accounting and logistics, because it is no one else's interest as much as the entrepreneur’s
  • The entrepreneur is the one who first arrives at the workplace, at the company and the last one to go home. He opens and closes the shop.

Multi-Level Marketing: the business of freedom


This is what it means for me too, this is my goal with it. The often seemingly fruitless work invested in network building matures. It pays off financially. By this time I master my own time, I do not let others waste it.


Advantages of MLM business:


  • One does not have to go to a workplace
  • One can work with people who are sympathetic to him/her
  • No need to learn a trade for several years at vocational school, university, college avoiding the costs of these (tuition, travel, etc.) as well. During 4-5 years’ time, which is the same as the time spent on academic studies one can to build a Network Marketing business providing stable income. (Of course I do not want to dissuade those who wants to study and graduate from higher education and have specific goals, but the above described are facts. In University vs. MLM topic you can expect a writing from me later on )
  • They do not expect me to work: no one can dictate when, where, how and how much work to do
  • No need to step outside my comfort zone in DXN MLM! Wow, but one can hear the opposite everywhere! Yes, but fortunately here it is otherwise! I for example do not write a name list;)
  • The payment has no upper limit (well, ... here comes the lie for sure): the turnover of a well established retail distribution network grows continuously. The basis of salary (bonus) is the product turnover). The network consists of product users and business builders. It continues to grow, of course, only in case of correct sponsoring of those who join me. After a while they become independent, and after a job once well done one receives the payment until the end of his/her life.
  • Moreover, the network is heritable, ensuring the future of families.
  • The whole beauty of it all that one earns money with helping others with DXN products (improved health status with Ganotherapy) and can achieve higher income with the business opportunity. Those who have bad-mouth, suck up and trample can not get ahead in network marketing.
  • If one does not work s/he also gets money after a certain level (the first years of hard work start to pay off)
  • Financial independence: a well-established MLM network provides pension-like, secure residual income. You can read about it here: payment in DXN MLM network
  • An MLM company does not sack employees. Of course there are certain standards that have to be followed (see: DXN Distributorship Rules), but there is no such thing as ’’You do not come to work? You're fired!"
  • MLM is obligation-free: there is no expectation either regarding product order or work

’’Then I must peddle walking around in a suit? "


  • One does not have to wear a suit. It is not my favorite piece of clothing either. l explicitly discourage everyone from pedlary. I believe it does not work in 2016. I neither like, nor do this type of business building.
  • Can be started from a small amount. More on this in DXN MLM Frequently Asked Questions
  • One can work from home on the Internet
  • This is not the business of the rich, yakky and pushy. In most cases such a types do not succeed. " target="_blank">Anyone can do it without any kind of qualification and diplomas who are willing to learn because it is also a profession
  • There are free, online trainings. There are also personal performances, Adam Szalay (Sikerkód’s  famous Hungarian motivational trainer) has visited us among others.
  • DXN is a stable, legitimate direct selling company with real everyday consumer goods.

This is me: Gergely Takács, the Coffee King ;)


Disadvantages of MLM business:


The work invested in it initially may take only a few results, and that discourages many people.

It is not about immediate monthly payment, it is a certain period of time away. (In DXN, however, there is an exception to this).

If it's such a good deal then how come the street is not full of MLM millionaires?


Because only a few people are willing to take the initial failures that might last up to several years, the denials, the continuous learning of the new profession and the slowly arriving future results. Few people are able to work for a long-term goal even years in a way that they  do not see any money out of it, or much less than they would like, or less than they earn in the current full-time job. One will not lose money, only his/her free time spent, which will repay with usury.


There is no bullshit at DXN, no promises for free Lamborghini, luxury villas, yachts.


’’Bring five people and you will have nothing else to do, I'll put the people under you, you'll be a millionaire in six months!” etc.

The company has all its data, distribution, real estate, factories  publicly available to anyone on the Internet. You do not have to believe me, see for yourself. There are also reward trips called TSIP – Travel Seminar Incentive Program here, for free, at the company's expense, but it also needs to be worked for. Yes, one must work and do it. One needs to put something on the table first to get something later. But I think it's worth to work even for 4-5 years making do with less and less impressive results, so later no longer having to suffer every day till the retirement age of doubtful outcome.


Many people stop on the threshold of success. A good friend told me that if he did not receive a lot of money after three years and there would not be any result, he certainly would stop. But what are these three years to the remaining 25? In Hungary 40 years must be worked till retirement. I would ’’only" have to work 25 years more as a public servant. There is no greater motivation for me than that!


International network building business is possible with one DXN member code


I take on to spend part of my free time daily on DXN MLM business for a few years more so that  they I will not have to work off even 25 years till retirement for peanuts, settling for a few hours of free time by necessity. All this I do happily, because I love all things accompanied with MLM business, and I'm proud to represent the DXN in front of the whole world.


’’Online network marketing" was a magical-sounding new and exciting term for me. It is a huge thing to utilize the potentials of the Internet in addition to entertainment also to earn either a little extra money or build up, lay the foundation for my own and my family’s future.

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Colon health preservation

15. october 2016 saturday

How can we preserve the health of our colon?


A healthy colon is the secret to health




Natural medicine enthusiasts will find true joy in this Ayurveda lecture. Its focal point is the digestive system and how to keep it clean. MycoVeggie is the name of the DXN product that helps with this. It is a mixture of selection  of high quality medicinal mushrooms, herbs and spices.


DXN MycoVeggie exclusive session


To order DXN products, click: DXN coffee shop


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