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Who can be successful in DXN mushroom coffee business?

24. october 2017 tuesday

What can make You an ideal candidate in my opinion to work with me in DXN mushroom coffee business?


Anyone can be successful in DXN Ganoderma business, who is willing to do two things!



No big deal, you do not have to think of anything difficult.

You do not need to have superhuman powers.

You do not need to have any university degress.

You do not need to be muscular.

It is not necessary to wear a suit and go to events. 

I could go on and on listing stuff here, but let's keep it simple 


I am at your service with DXN Ganoderma business.


DXN Ganoderma MLM business is very versatile and can be done in a lot, and I mean, really a lot of ways. I find this awesome, along with not having to invest any money and the total lack of any obligatons, and, last, but not least, never-ever falling back from a level once reached.



I have my own personal views and methods that I can tell from my experience, work well for me.



Two things are very important:



First is personal product experience.


Second is the willingness to study continuously and develop yourself.



I want to work together with people who are willing to try our healthy coffee and other products. DXN is a product based business, so your own products experience gives you credit even if you are a beginner without business experience.


I want to be as effective as I can be in my DXN business and I want my partners to be effective and this way succesful. This requires studying all the information on my websites:


What is healthy coffee like?


The truth about DXN MLM


Frequently asked questions about DXN mushroom coffee business


Not just the above menus I linked, but the whole content of the websites.



Online method means studying and working at your own pace whenever it is good for you



Of course it is a really a lot, but there is no need to hurry. Take your time, read whenever you want to and as much as you want to, but please do study everything. I am editing the sites and blogging, uploading new content so that it takes enourmous amount of workload off my shoulders. They are out there on the internet and can be studied even when I am asleep.


If anyone finds value in DXN products and the Network Marketing business opportunity, we can move to the next step.


If not, it is okay too. Neither him or her, nor me wasted any of each others precious time because my websites are perfectly capable of making anyone to come to a rational decision that is the most appropriate for him or her.


Yes, I am also willing and happy to answer your questions that you have written together while you were going through all the information.


I am at your service with DXN,



Gergely Takács

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Free websites in 20 languages for this mushroom coffee business

8. october 2017 sunday

Going to work after a coming home from a job? No way!



Free websites in 20 languages for this online mushroom coffee business



Would you go to work in another job after you just came home tired? No way! Me neither.


Do you still need to improve your financial situation, like I do?


The solution for me is online mushroom coffee business! Without any investment!


Online mushroom coffee business, DXN for the win!


This ,,lazy" online-type guy in the picture is me, Gergely Takács from Hungary, building an international biz on the internet.


DXN is the market leader Ganoderma company. This alone and delicious alkaline coffee would be enough for me to put in a few hours of work every day to reach my future goals.

I get free, professional websites with webshop and newsletter system in more than 20 languages to work instead of me even when I am asleep.


Do not get me wrong here: this is a business that requires work!


The huge advantage of the free pro websites is, like you have guessed already, is that I do not have to give many-hour-long presentations and suffer the rejections. People study the information whenever it is suitable for them and they decided themselves whether they find any value in the products and business opportunity. I only have to deal with those who are serious. This saves me a lot of time and energy.


Does online business building work?


Yes, you bet! The fact you are reading this blog is the proof! I posted it totally free of charge using the invaluable free resources of the internet.

I think it is worth to get some more info, if you got so far with reading.


If you do not drink coffee, no problem, we have many more products. But let me tell you a secret: there are many people in this business, including me who have never drunk, could not drink or did not like coffee before, but after trying DXN Ganoderma medicinal mushroom coffee specialities their whole life changed, not only their coffee-drinking habit.


Choose your country and language here, click on the photo:


Choose your language for DXN products order and business opportunity


After you have studied everything carefully, I will be happy to help you if you contact me!  J

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Cordyceps sinensis medicinal mushroom, the Source of Vitality

27. june 2017 tuesday

Chinese Caterpillar fungus

Natural mental and physical stamina booster

Today grown in labs, suitable for vegans



Research today is trying to find the hidden secrets in natural herbs, Cordyceps sinensis could be one of those natural secrets to longevity and vitality.  DXN Cordyceps would be one amazing supplement that we should consume every day.


For me it is the source of life energy within us. This life energy is the most vital energy for the healing system. We have an automated system in our body that helps healing. The human body has the ability to heal itself.






Cordyceps in the Olympics: food supplement of champions

During the olympics of 1993-94 some Chinese athletes were doubted to have been taking some anabolic steroids, because they broke 5 world records in track- and field sports events. When they were tested, they were all found to be negative. On inquiry they shared the secret they had: they were taking a supplement called cordyceps. This was the reason why their performance was enhanced.



Chinese women athletes



The Himalayan Viagra

CNN news channel called cordyceps the Himalayan Viagra, commonly known as the caterpillar fungus. It comes from the region of Tibet. In Tibet, up in the Himalayan range, where the temperature and the oxygen levels are low, this huge animal called the yak can be found. The stories tell that the people who domesticated the yak wanted to know the secret of its power. So when they noticed that this yak gained extra energy and more stamina when it grazed upon a particular mountain range. On checking they found that the secret was a small mushroom. When consumed, this mushroom gave the people extra energy and stamina. The news spread across and the demand for this mushroom started increasing. It was also healing people.



Yak in Tibet, on the slopes of the Himalayas eating cordyceps, which enhanced its physical strength


Cordyceps, the parasite of caterpillars

Cordyceps is a parasitic mushroom. For its growth it chooses a host. The variety I am talking about is Cordyceps sinensis and it chooses the caterpillar as its host. Before the caterpillar turns into a butterfly or a mot, it could get infected with the spores of Cordyceps. When infected, the mycelium of the cordyceps takes over the body of the caterpillar. The mycelium, the root of the cordyceps takes over the body and grow within the body of the caterpillar. You will see that after some time the fruiting body of the cordyceps pops out from the caterpillar’s head. This is the life cycle of cordyceps in the wild. It must be picked up very carefully. If you look at this morphological structure, you will see that it has got the caterpillar body retained. The size of the medicinal mushroom is about the size of a match.


Illegal cordyceps trading with Maffia involvement

The demand for cordyceps fungus started to increase because of its medicinal value. It was started to be traded in the market. The maffia is also said to have been involved in trading and a lot of illegal trading took place. Today, having wild cordyceps is illegal, because it is considered to be an endangered species.



DXN Cordyceps capsules in my hand



What made Cordyceps such an amazing mushroom?

On the cross index you see the mushrooms and their targeted therapeutic effect. You can see that Ganoderma lucidum and Cordyceps sinensis outnumbered all the other fungi in the following field of beneficial therapeutic effects:


  • anti-bacterial
  • anti-candida
  • anti-inflammatory
  • anti-oxidant
  • anti-tumor
  • anti-viral
  • blood pressure
  • blood sugar
  • cardiovascular
  • cholesterol reducer
  • immune system
  • kidney tonic
  • liver tonic
  • nerve tonic
  • lungs/respiratory
  • sexual potentiator
  • stress reducer 


Cordyceps is favoured by Chinese and Tibetan Medicine Practitioners


Chinese and Tibetan Medicine Practitioners used Cordyceps in almost all of the remedial combinations.



Photo source: Traditional Chinese Medicine, Liao Yuqun


Traditional Chinese practitioner examining patient to cure ailment



The primary action of Cordyceps is on the lungs. It improves lung functions. The lungs inspire and expire better from it. When you breathe well, you have improved oxygenation to all the cells in your body. With improved oxygenations, your metabolic processes are improved. The ADP starts getting converted to ATP with releasing more energy. So the action of Cordyceps primary on the lungs is seen actually all over the body:


Cordyceps improves energy level, appetite, libido and sexual drive. It builds up stamina and endurance: the ability to manage stress. It helps to get biological cycles into place, like sleeping. According to Ayurveda, Cordyceps helps in the overall body tissue development.



Rasayana Tantra, Branch of Ayurveda medicine



According to Rasayana, the Art of Rejuvenation, benefits of Cordyceps are:



  • enhancing physical strength
  • ensuring youthfullness
  • increasing longevity
  • strengthening the immune system
  • sharpening mental abilities, learning and memory
  • improves skin luster
  • increase vitality
  • strengthening senses and voice



Basically this medical fungus improves life energy. Once life energy is improved, healing in the body starts getting better.


Today with tissue culture techniques we are able to cultivate cordyceps in the laboratory. This variety of the fungus is a vegan one. It is grown on rice-husk and is very safe to consume. The properties of laboratory-grown cordyceps are similar to those that can be found in the wilderness.



Healthy body cells in high-oxygen environment



Cancer treatment with Cordyceps sinensis


Cordyceps have been proven to help in cancer treatment, so people suffering from cancer can take it as an adjuvant therapy. Cancer cells can not thrive in oxygen-rich environment. Since cordyceps improves lung functions, oxygen intake and absorption, it can also help in treating and healing cancer.  People who want to prevent cancer, especially those who have a family history of having cancer, can also take cordyceps along with ganoderma. Ganoderma is a detoxifier and a cleanser. Cordyceps helps improving oxygen supply of every cell. Hence if you have an oxygen-rich environment, cancer can not happen.



Cancer cannot happen in high-oxygen level environment



Cordyceps provenly improves lung functions and respiratory conditions like asthma, bronchitis, or any lung conditiion.


The ability of Cordyceps to help cells revive helps in the liver’s conditions. Usually the liver gets damaged and can cause fibrosis and accumulation of fat. Liver is the only organ in the body with the ability to regenerate itself. People who supplement themselves with Cordyceps have seen amazing results. Diabetics, daily alcohol drinkers definitely need to take Cordyceps.


The mushroom also stimulates the adrenal cortex or the adrenal glands. These glands secrete a hormone called cortisol. Not only the adrenal gland but Cordyceps has a very good effect on the kidneys, too. So Cordyceps primary effects 3 organs: the lungs, the liver and the kidneys.


Cordyceps helps normalizing cortisol levels. Cortisol is commonly know as the stress-hormone. Both high and low levels of cortisol are unhealthy.



The symptoms of high cortisol levels are:


high blood pressure, fatigue, erectile dysfunction, reduced sex drive, weakened immune response, weight gain, hyperglycemia, insomnia, poor concentration and memory.



Low cortisol level presents the following problems:


sugar and salt craving, decreased sexual drive, anxiety, irritability, bone- and muscle loss, weight gain, depressed mood, insomnia, fatigue.



That is why taking DXN Cordyceps is the best way to combat stress.



Frequently asked questions about DXN Cordyceps



How much Cordyceps is good to take?


3 grams per day (5-6 capsules) are good for wellness

6 grams per day (11-12 capsules) are a good dose for chronic diseases

9 grams per day (17-18 capsules) is a good dose for terminally ill patients


Even taking one capsule of Cordyceps a day will help. Studies have shown very good results for people (males) who consume 3 grams a day. We also have a drink called DXN Cordypine with Cordyceps and also DXN Cordyceps coffee 3in1, so this wonderful medicinal mushroom can be shared with friends.


Frequently asked questions about DXN Cordyceps:


1. Is DXN Cordyceps an aphrodisiac?

It is not something like Viagra. It improves oxygen supplementation, blood flow, libido, and strength, and the outcome of that is a better and a good sexual experien



2. Is it safe to give DXN Cordyceps to children?

Yes, it is very safe to give 1-2 capsules to DXN Cordyceps to children.



3. Is DXN Cordyceps safe for people with high blood pressure?

Yes, because it is an adaptogen. It helps to bring blood pressure back to normal. This is done by combating the stress response by reducing the cortisol levels.


4. How good is taking DXN Cordyceps in combination with DXN Ganoderma and DXN Spirulina?

It is excellent. Let me give you an example: Ganoderma helps to clean the system, Spirulina employes the nutrients and Cordyceps sees that it gets its oxygen supply.

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Making DXN Ganoderma coffee with cold water

19. june 2017 monday

Does cold medicinal mushroom coffee taste fine?

Does Ganoderma coffee dissolve well in cold water?


The easiest way to get the answer to the question is when you try. I did this too, as shown in my YouTube video below. In the summer, I usually have cold drinks in summer, why not do this with one of my favorite DXN drinks, the "three-in-one" Ganoderma coffee?



What is needed to make cold DXN coffee?


You do not have to think of very complicated things. DXN business is also very easy, the products always work, no matter how silly videos I make, hehe.





Things to prepare cold DXN coffee are the following:


A bottle, preferably with a bigger mouth,

One or even more doses (satchets) of your favorite DXN alkaline coffee,

Cold water


Shake it well, that's all. You do not have to take half the kitchen with you, a kettle, a thermos, a microwave oven with you, but we do not even have to go where these can be found. If the above 3 things are given, the coffee lover will not be left thirsty, that is for sure! :)


I have my healthy coffee where and when I like it, for me it is a great joy! True, in winter or in colder weather a hot cup of mushroom coffee is wonderful, but I'm very happy with this small, but for me such a joyful discovery that I can make my favorite DXN Reishi extract alkaline coffee any time with cold water.


I can imagine myself in anyone's place, be it a taxi driver, bus driver, truck driver, security guard, cashier or teacher. People can watch a basketball or football match, travel on a bus or on a train, an athlete during or after a workout who wants a refreshment and does not fancy today’s trendy energy drinks. I could go on with the list of such situations indefinitely.



Of course thermos or the lockable tumblers have been invented as well, so whoever feels like a hot or warm-for-a-long-time coffee can solve the situation. But in addition to these how well they can feel in case of emergency" and it is almost reassuring to know that I can always get a satchet of DXN coffee, shake it with water and I'm saved, good mood, well-being given and enhanced! 

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Make coffee, not war! ;)

14. may 2017 sunday

Thoughts about DXN Ganoderma coffee business


In peacetime luckily can I have a good coffee here in Hungary. The old Russian cannons in the video, were put here to Miskolc, Avas in my childhood in my early primary school years, with a couple of tanks. The tanks have been taken away. Only their concrete foundation can be seen below. I remember we played a lot on them and we could also climb inside the cockpit. It was a bit awesome and exciting too, of course. The remaining two cannons were pulled up to their present position and enclosed. Earlier, the green fence built around them was locked.


When I practised my Flatland tricks on my small BMX bike, I could see them for hours daily on Avas Youth Park (I call it the Avas-top Sportscourt - Da Court), resting there peacefully, but still almost ready to fight.





Have less fun now to be able to have more later?



For a while, the time of several hour-trainings have dropped to one and a half or two hours, mostly unfortunately only for the weekends. Others have come to the focus, I guess you already know that I'm hinting at my DXN Ganoderma coffee business. That's exactly why I'm cycling there on Da Court less so that I will be able to ride more later. This sounds a bit like tomfoolery if I just leave this sentence hanging in the air. I'll explain it a bit, but really a bit more. Anyone who follows my site knows this already.



Make coffee, not war! What is the global impact of DXN MLM?



Not being the one who controls my life is a serious reason to change



I've come to the point for about 4 years ago when I realized that I do not really control my life, my leisure time. Once, when I was rolling and spinning on my BMX, I stopped for a moment. The weather was beautiful. The sunshine did not turn to unbearable heat when I panicly escape into the shade. Every trick went well. Everything fell into place, except for one thing. Although I can say that I I have lived in the neighbourhood of Avas all my life, I did not live here at that time, because of a series of unwise decisions. I missed my neighbourhood. By then my little family grew, but not with children, but with 3 dogs. All I said, quietly, almost sighing, "I wish I could live here with the dogs."



Taking 3 dogs for a walk with a mountain bike: Gergely Takács, DXN



The Law of Attraction in my life



There is much to be heard about attracting things, the law of attraction, that thoughts become reality if one really wants something and does his best for it as well. Excellent performers, including one of my favorites, Péter Szabó (’the Hungarian Brian Tracy’), who is also a "kid" from the block, he also grew up here on Avas, Miskolc city) is trying to open people's eyes - those who let him - to dare to dream and to act for our dreams and then the universe will bow to our will.

Anyone can believe what he or she wants, this wish of mine came true. It came with relief, joy, calmness, but I also made a huge limitation for myself. Whoever lives in a flat with dogs knows what I'm talking about. If you do not, I suggest you do not try this at home. Actually, the problem is not with the dog as has a pet, but the constraint that it means. let it be only a little lap dog. This topic is discussed in more detail in my blog ’Dog lovers choose DXN healthy coffee MLM business’.




First they laugh at you, then they recognize you. The time between these two is called persistence - no, drinking coffee by us. :)



I make coffee, not war.



Neither in real life nor in cyber space on the internet. I do not share instinctive, fabricated writings, incendiary videos, anything that would cause people to jump at each other’s throats. This attitude was also influenced by the ’One Mind’ philosophy of DXN. It is fantastic that several unbelievably opposing religions and members of the nation can celebrate together in a lecture hall, on a ship, excursion, and rejoice in their successes achieved by delivering DXN Ganoderma coffee, herbs, Spirulina and other healthy, healing products to the people around the world (One World, One Market, One World, One Market).


In DXN Ganoderma coffee business, the focus is on getting more people to get to know the products. We do not deal with one’s nationality, religion, or political opinion. The goal is to improve the health and living standards of all people who are interested in it.



Why should I make war if I can make coffee?



War, the martial, pushy, "old-school" MLM style, due to which almost everyone got to hate this profession, is far from the attitude of DXN and from mine too. I think the company and its founder, dr. Lim has many reasons to be a bit boastful. DXN is the number one in the world, the market leader Ganoderma company, with many awards, certificates and diplomas. However, if we look at dr. Lim, hear a few words of his, it all just comes down to what a humble and direct man actually he is, despite the great knowledge he possesses.


All of the production processes are single-handedly controlled by DXN (One Dragon) and all its employees and independent network builders combine the spirit of war and struggle to expand the company to deliver the fantastic products to every possible place and people. DXN products are used in hospitals in many countries for healing and prevention. We do not sort by nations, religions, skin color and other attributes to whom we show the products and business opportunity to.



Sipping my well-deserved DXN Ganoderma coffee after a good BMX Flatland practice and some calisthenics




I'm struggling to make it possible for more and more people to drink DXN coffee.



It means a daily struggle to go to work to be able to pay bills. For me, in addition to my full-time job as an English teacher comes online DXN coffee business. I'm struggling to introduce DXN Ganoderma coffee to more and more people. The purpose of this struggle is that I will not have to struggle daily for living month to month. It's getting a little complicated, isn’t it? :)


Perhaps now that I've been able to bring the concepts of war and coffee together, I formulate in a sentence what coffee and war mean to me, but I rather use the word fight instead of war, for it is more appropriate and covers not little difference in meaning:


I'm struggling to make more people drink (DXN) coffee and not fight wars.



The global impact of DXN business


I think DXN business has a global impact on life events. Everyone will be healthier, happier and more balanced, and thus the world will become an even better place. It makes more sense to concentrate on spreading health instead of destruction, right?

If you have got to reading so far and do not think I'm a complete idiot for drivelling away so many unusual things, I suggest you read about Ganoderma healthy coffee (and other products) on my site, since if we simplify it, coffee is to be "blamed" for everything, he-he! After trying some product it is also useful to collect some info on the DXN-way of Network Marketing, just to have a comprehensive picture of what is going on here. Perhaps, as a result of taking medicinal mushroom, I write a lot of things and see the world in other colors, as it is said to have a mood-enhancing effect, on me for sure! :)




This is Geri. Geri loves to work with pros. Work with Geri. Becoma a pro too!



Summary of the focus of DXN business one more time:


The focus of DXN Ganoderma coffee business is to make our products known to as many people as possible. We do not care about nationality, religion or political views. The goal is to improve the healthy condition and standard of living of those who are interested in this.

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